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Insurance and Payment

At Healthy Core, we believe in the highest quality of care for individuals and we practice in a manner that is patient-centered and results-driven. Therapy is provided on a fee-for-service basis and payment is expected at the time of service in the form of cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, HSA or HRA.  We are considered an out-of-network provider for most commercial insurance carriers in order to deliver our specialized, hands-on treatment. Our therapists see one patient at a time, giving you the uninterrupted care that you deserve, especially for the conditions you are seeking help for. Our osteopathic and systems approach provides for a more efficient evaluation and treatment, where the source of the problem is identified, resulting in fewer visits to successfully address your condition.  We are experts, not novice practitioners, and have advanced training. See our multiple options below that are available to provide the most cost-effective treatment for you.

We value your time and money! We teach you how to help yourself.

  • We do NOT waste time repeating the exercises you are already doing at home

  • We do NOT kill time using hot packs, ice packs or electrical stimulation

  • We do NOT use therapy aides or assistants

  • We do NOT see 3-4 patients at the same time

  • We do NOT require you to be seen 2 to 3 times a week

  • We do NOT inflate the cost or add "facility" fees


It may therefore cost you less in the long run by receiving treatment at Healthy Core. With today's increasing copays and high deductibles, you most likely will pay out-of-pocket fees with any healthcare service. Since you have full knowledge upfront for the cost of services, you will not receive an unexpected bill from Healthy Core. As an added courtesy, Healthy Core will submit your claim electronically and you will receive reimbursement directly from your insurance carrier.  Most insurance carriers reimburse for physical therapy and in some cases, will reimburse you at a higher rate than if Healthy Core was in-network. If the reimbursement you receive is higher than the amount you paid at the time of service, you are required by law to forward the difference to Healthy Core. Since each plan varies, we have provided an Insurance Worksheet to help you understand your therapy benefits and will be glad to assist you.


For more information, please refer to our Financial Payment and Consent Policy.

Due to the high demand for our services, Healthy Core has a strict 24-hour cancellation/ no-show policy. This provides us with sufficient notice to open up appointment times for patients on our wait list. We appreciate your consideration.


See our options below. Call 330-528-0034 for pricing. 

Physical Therapy 

Initial Evaluation: $198.00

up to 60 minutes and includes treatment

Mini Evaluation: $99.00

up to 30 minutes - appropriate for uncomplicated conditions or one body part

Physical Therapy Session:  $148.50

up to 45 minutes of hands-on treatment and exercise instruction

Telehealth Online Session:

30 or 60 minute options, $75 or $150 respectively

(see Book Online tab)


Wellness Services

(claims not submitted to insurance but can be applied to HSA and HCRA for reimbursement)

Dry Needling Session: $49.50

up to 15 minutes


Hands-on Session

(can include dry needling): $99.00

up to 30 minutes


Phase II Maintenance: $90.00

up to 30 minutes upon completion of physical therapy - recommended monthly

Cupping therapy: click here to order the cups we recommend for self treatment from Cupping Warehouse. 




The following products are available for purchase at our clinic: cups, foam rollers, yoga mats, yoga straps, physioballs, pinky balls, theraband, Biofreeze (roll-on and spray), dilators and personal lubricant (free of propylene glycol).


In addition, we have a loaning library with books and resources on a variety of health topics.

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