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Improve The Core With An Open Posture

You are mind, body and spirit. You cannot separate your mind from your body or soul; they are intricately connected. Your posture and what you do with your nonverbal language says a lot about your receptivity and openness to listen and receive. Unfortunately, pelvic pain and abdominal adhesions from surgery can prevent a person from standing up straight. In addition, inflammation in the gut or abdominal pain can further contribute to a closed and protected posture.

Your body language speaks a lot about how you feel. When you are down or depressed, you might hang your head low with poor posture. How you dress says a lot about how you feel about yourself. If you are clean and dressed for success, it exudes confidence and self-worth. If you are dressed to reveal everything and leave nothing to the imagination, it might give the impression that you are only a sexual being. If you wear too much makeup or look too perfect, it could indicate a sense of low self-esteem or a mask you are wearing to cover up something. If you show up to a game or competition not dressed in uniform, if could show a lack of respect for your teammates, officials and opponents. If your arms are crossed, you are not OPEN to hear what someone is telling you and you can close off opportunities for growth.

On the contrary, having an open posture reveals open-mindedness, respect for others and receptivity to receive blessings. If you are open to receive, good things flow from it, allowing you to make better decisions. For women, the name Eve means “to receive”. Your inherent femaleness allows you to be OPEN, by nature. This is revealed in sexuality, receiving another body part during the act of intercourse and also in procreation, when the womb is open to receive another human being. It is an oxymoron for a woman to be selfish, if you think about it. Her name and body reveal her OPENNESS for the OTHER to LOVE.

You can do several things to encourage openness. Take for example, breathing. Taking shallow breaths due to habit or stress, increases tension in your neck and shoulders. If you become mindful of your breathing, it can OPEN up your lungs and abdomen to stretch and fill with air, sort of as a cleansing. This allows you to engage the part of the autonomic nervous system to calm or center you, or oppose the fight or flight reaction. By being OPEN with your breath, you will open yourself to receive gifts of grace, love and acceptance of yourself, which will in turn allow you to love and accept others.





These simple exercises will help calm your nervous system and balance you in mind, body and spirit, while encouraging proper breathing patterns and core muscle activation. Incorporating these three exercises into your day takes less than five minutes and almost anyone can do them! If you are struggling to take a deep breath or have adhesions from past surgeries or injuries, seek the help of a women's health physical therapist trained in visceral mobilization and exercise that incorporates therapeutic yoga and Pilates. An open posture is part of the Healthy Core plan to restore the core and live a life of purpose to be the best version of yourself. For more information, call our clinic at 330-528-0034 to schedule a consultation with a women's health physical therapist.

Disclaimer: if pain is caused or increased by doing one of more of these exercises, STOP and seek the attention of a medical professional.

Reference: Some material adapted from Theology of the Body by Christopher West, based on the teachings of John Paul II on Human Sexuality.

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