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We help people find lasting relief from core and pelvic issues like hip pain, back pain, pelvic pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum-related issues and other orthopedic conditions without medication or surgery.


  • Is pain or stiffness keeping you from exercising or being fit?

  • Are you concerned about staying active as you age?

  • Have you seen multiple providers but still have pain and dysfunction?

  • Do you experience leakage when you laugh, sneeze or exercise?

  • Have you noticed changes in your toileting habits since having a baby?

  • Do you have hip or low back pain that comes on with exercise?

  • Are you experiencing pressure in the pelvis when you stand, sit or walk?

  • Have you noticed pain, discomfort, or altered sensation with sex?

  • Are you having difficulty engaging your abdominal muscles after a baby or surgery?

  • Do you notice changes in urinary or erectile function following a prostatectomy?

  • Are you currently pregnant and want to prevent birth injury or be stronger post baby?

pelvic floor education

You are not alone!

Just because a problem is common, does not mean it is normal! Click here to tell us more and get to the source of your dysfunction and the quality of life you deserve!


  • You will be valued and heard - our expert therapists will listen to your concerns

  • You will be evaluated with a full-body approach and receive hands-on treatment

  • You will have uninterrupted, one-on-one time with the same therapist, every time

  • You will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve, without judgement

  • You will be empowered and coached in your own healing

  • You will receive skills to regulate your nervous system and stay healthy in the long-term

  • Your care will not be influenced by what an insurance company will pay for


Whether you have recently been injured or have been in pain for years, we're so glad you're here!  Healthy Core was founded in 2009 to create a safe space for women to heal from pregnancy and childbirth. Since then, our expert physical therapists have helped thousands of women and men in Hudson, Ohio achieve a pain-free lifestyle and attain their fitness goals. The name Healthy Core has a deeper meaning; the root word for 'core' is 'heart' and a healthy core means a 'healthy heart'. The font used divides the word healthy into 'heal thy'. Heal thy core means 'heal thy heart'; body, mind and spirit. Further, the logo was inspired by our preschooler's artwork. The inside of the apple looks like a full person, alive and healthy and it also looks like a starfish. You may recall the Legend of the Starfish, where a woman is throwing starfish into the ocean after a storm and a man tries to discourage her, claiming there's miles of beach and she can't help them all. She picks one up and says, "it made a difference for that ONE." The individual starfish is our inspiration. We understand that helping one person extends further into their family, like a ripple in a pond. Healthy women and healthy men equals healthy families. If you want to be the best version of yourself so you can show up healthy and present, we would love to help you achieve that goal.

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I came to Healthy Core after an unexpected c-section left me with an inability to take care of my family or exercise without pain. I am now able to show up as a healthy, happy mom who is able to keep up with her rambunctious little one! Healthy Core will be a part of my care team for the rest of my childbearing years!
~ Sariya

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Want to find solutions available to treat your pelvic floor dysfunction? 

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