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Our Wellness Services 

Our integrative wellness clinic complements our holistic approach and includes services for Dry Needling and monthly Phase II. In addition, we expand on the traditional care model and provide education about general men's and women’s health through our BLOG, workshops, Enewsletters and Loaning Library, which features books on nutrition, mental health, fitness and exercise. Our goal is to keep an individual healthy beyond an "episode of care." Wellness Services are typically considered non-covered treatment under insurance, however can be applied to HSA and HCRA accounts.


Dry Needling
Hands-on Session 

15 Minute Session


30 Minute Session


No referral is needed. This is recommended for individuals to reduce inflammation, stay healthy or to prevent injury. Same day appointments may be available.

Read more about dry needling here

dry needling for headache

This is ideal for patients who would like to maintain their physical health and "check in" with the therapist, as most insurances do not cover wellness treatment.  A physical therapy re-evaluation will be required if there is a change in status. Recommended once a month.


Phase II Maintenance
Hands-On Session

30 Minute Session

I had been suffering with pain for 6 years when I learned of Dr. Regina and trusted her to show me how to heal. Her infectious smile put me immediately at ease. How is it I have not been breathing properly for 68 years? From learning how to properly breath and at home techniques, I am seeing the light at the end of the pelvic pain tunnel. My tight muscles responded to the dry needling, I never did that before, so I tried it. I had amazing results and my lower body thanks you. ~Barb

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