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Image by Elena Joland

What Makes Us Different

HEALTHY CORE WELLNESS & REHAB was conceived through discernment by our founder after struggling to find a place to heal after birthing her third baby. While helping other women with pelvic floor issues in a hospital system that was not patient-driven and seeking help from other providers for her own pain, she decided to create a place where women could receive holistic treatment and to offer wellness beyond physical therapy treatment.  After resigning from her job at the hospital, she prayed over the name for the business. It was discovered that the name had deeper meaning after the logo was constructed and a cross divided the name, Healthy Core into Heal Thy Core. Since our motto is HEALTHY WOMEN equals HEALTHY FAMILIES, this affirmed our mission of  Heal Thy Women = Heal Thy Families. This greater purpose was further confirmed when we learned that the root word CORE translated in Latin is HEART. So in the process of Healing Thy Core, we will also Heal Thy Heart. We have seen this in action and know it to be true.  This is a place of healing and hope and we are here to help.Our compassionate physical therapists provide an individualized evaluation and customized treatment for men, women and children over ten years of age. We provide specialized physical therapy with a special emphasis on restoring function to the core by mobilizing structures in the pelvic girdle including the hip, spine and abdomen. Our office staff complements our mission to make your treatment experience exceptional and a place to relax and restore well-being.

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