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Mini PT Package

After your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will determine if you are appropriate for the Mini PT Package. This package includes:

  • Four 30 minute treatment visits at approximately a 5% discount

Patients that may qualify for this package are those that have only one body part involved that can be treated in 30 minutes. For patients that have more than one trouble area, and would need more than 30 minutes of treatment time, the Physical Therapy Package would be more suitable.

The Mini PT Package is only at a discounted price when purchased altogether after you complete your initial visit. You may purchase your visits individually, however, this would not qualify you for the discounted prices.

Treatment may include integrative dry needling, visceral mobilization, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, and kinesiotaping. This will include stabilization and restorative exercise progression.

"Joanna offered a hands on approach to continued swelling and pain related to prior knee and foot surgeries. Both decreased quickly with dry needling, hands on manipulation, pt recommendations, and light massage. She is a gentle soul who eased my squeamishness and went at my pace. Highly recommend!" ~Lisa

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