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Physical Therapy Package

Physical Therapy Packages

After your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will determine approximately how many visits you may need. Your options of Physical Therapy Packages include:

  • 4 treatment visits at approx. a 5% discount

  • 6 treatment visits at approx. an 8% discount

  • 8 treatment visits at approx. a 10% discount

This package is only at a discounted price when purchased altogether after you complete your initial visit. You may purchase your visits individually, however, this would not qualify you for the discounted prices.

Treatment may include integrative dry needling, visceral mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and kinesiotaping. This will include stabilization and restorative exercise progression.

Disclaimer: The amount and type of treatment may vary depending on your symptoms 

"I'm SO grateful that I went to Healthy Core! My urogynecologist referred me for overactive bladder. Joanna was an incredible therapist. She was extremely kind, thorough, and attentive making sure I was comfortable. She took time and genuinely cares enough to teach, not just do. I didn't expect cupping or dry needling, but loved it! I went 5 times and noticed a drastic improvement. My frequency decreased so much that I finally feel normal again. It's been a life saver! My insurance didn't end up covering, but it was absolutely worth going anyways. I truly don't believe I could've received the same quality of care anywhere else. Your peace and body are worth it. I work in the medical field and meet women almost every day that could benefit from pelvic floor therapy. We should normalize it without embarrassment! Age and life happens. I'm in my thirties and childless, never thought I'd need it especially. Go see Joanna so you can live your life more comfortably too." ~Stacey

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