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Prenatal Package:
Bump, Birth & Beyond


A five-visit program for mamas that provides support during pregnancy into the post-natal period, beginning at 24 weeks gestation and ends with a postnatal visit around week 6. This essential program includes education on the expected changes during pregnancy, including appropriate exercise and management of symptoms, while preparing the mama for birth and recovery to empower a mama for the “extreme sport” of motherhood. 

*This outline is for an uncomplicated pregnancy. If you are experiencing multiple symptoms, you may add additional visits at a discounted price if purchased upfront*

VISIT 1: 24 weeks - Evaluation and Treatment

This visit includes a thorough full-body evaluation, education on normal and expected changes in pregnancy, manual corrective therapy as needed and a customized exercise program to address pressure management and prevention of common ailments. The goal is to keep you moving safely throughout the pregnancy.

VISIT 2: 28 weeks - Find Your Core and Glutes

This visit includes ongoing instruction in exercise and self-management for common ailments in pregnancy as well as manual therapy to address dysfunction. You will receive instruction in appropriate core exercises that include attention to the glutes and quads, muscles that will be needed for support throughout pregnancy. The goal of this visit is to learn how to activate your core reflexively through proper breathing and pressure management.

VISIT 3: 32 weeks - Find Your Pelvic Floor

This visit includes ongoing instruction in exercise and self-management, including manual therapy to address any dysfunction. Your therapist may perform an external or internal assessment of your pelvic floor to provide proprioceptive feedback to address tension and trigger points in preparation for the remainder of pregnancy and birth. You will learn which positions and exercises for the pelvic inlet and outlet (helping the baby position into the pelvis and then properly exit). The goal of this visit is to prepare your body and your pelvic floor to relax and let go.

VISIT 4: 36 weeks - Prepare Your Body for Birth (with your partner, if applicable)

This visit includes ongoing support and treatment for common ailments as well as preparing your body for labor, birth and beyond.  Postpartum exercise and recovery will be addressed at this visit. Our goal is to empower you by dispelling myths and fears around childbirth. 

VISIT 5: 4-6 weeks postpartum - Restore Your Core

This visit includes a postpartum assessment of your entire core and to address common, but not normal, postpartum (4th trimester) symptoms. The deep core system needs to be retrained following pregnancy to function optimally. This triage visit will also determine any further need or limitations remaining in the 4th trimester. The goal of this visit is to prepare you for a full recovery and the “extreme sport” of motherhood, including appropriate exercise and return to intimacy. If you birthed your baby via C-section, this visit will also include scar mobilization and instruction in self management to reduce adhesions from surgery.

If more than 5 treatment visits are necessary for your pregnancy journey, additional visits may be purchased.

The package ALSO includes a $10 discount for one massage with KAM Massage during pregnancy or in the 3 months following birth, known as the 4th trimester.

"I started going to Healthy Core and Wellness during my third pregnancy. I was having some back pain and had diastasis recti with previous pregnancies. Janine was SO helpful! She helped me strengthen my core and better understand my pelvic floor during my pregnancy, which greatly helped with my delivery and postpartum recovery. Her expertise, treatment , and personalized care made this third postpartum recovery journey my easiest yet. I am so grateful for her help! Janine and all of the staff are so kind and welcoming. If you are considering PT as part of your pregnancy/postpartum care, don't hesitate! Janine's treatment made a world of difference!" ~Kate

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