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Wellness Package

This package includes four 30 minute treatment visits at approximately a 5% discount. This package is for the people who want to learn various ways to be able to treat ailments at home. In this 4 visit course, depending on your goals, we may teach you techniques in:

  • Cupping

  • Percussion massage

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue massage

  • Vagus nerve stimulation

  • Kinesiotaping

Treatment will also occur during these instructional visits and may include integrative dry needling, visceral mobilization, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, and kinesiotaping.

This package is only available as a package and cannot be purchased individually.

"I have been going to Healthy Core Wellness for several years. They are so professional, knowledgeable and helpful for my wellness needs. I love their monthly mini seminars and newsletters. Anytime someone needs therapy or dry needling, I refer them to Healthy Core!" ~Jan

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