Our goal is to restore optimal core health to individuals and to help maintain physical health "beyond an episode of care."  We evaluate and treat each person on an individual basis, free of protocols and with consideration of how the body functions as a whole, not just a part. Our osteopathic approach allows us to get to the source of the problem and not only treat the symptoms. We have seen this in action and know it to be true. This is a place of healing and we are here to help. Here is what some of our patients have to say.


Personal Bias

I know I may be a little biased because I’m married to the owner, but I believe Janine is a wonderful physical therapist. Not only has she kept me and our family healthy, but she has changed the world for so many by taking their pain away and restoring activities, exercise and intimacy. When Janine started dry needling, I was a little skeptical. But when I tore my hamstring and was on the golf course the next day after having my lower body balanced with dry needling, I was hooked.


Janine truly cares about the struggles and ailments that today’s women have. That is why she chose to open Healthy Core; to help individuals on a personal level and not have all the red tape and politics of the health care system where there is often no choice in seeing the best provider and the therapist is limited to treating one body part.


I can’t say enough about the motto “Healthy Women, Healthy Families.” Right here in our household when mama is happy, the family is happy. I promise Janine will work hard to help you with your pain and problem so you can enjoy life.


Brian Laughlin

Janine’s husband and co-owner


Raves from our Satisfied Healthy Core Wellness Fans:  

Help after Baby

Healthy Core specializes in women's care and offers visceral manipulation and needling to encourage the release of trigger points to correct muscle imbalances. I am surprised that it took only five visits to correct years of pain since childbirth. My back feels much stronger and stable and I enjoy the simple, quick exercises.

Jolynn, Chagrin Falls OH


Healthy Core is different than other physical therapy clinics with specific training and enthusiasm for post-partum mothers. I truly appreciate the expert therapy, but also the practical suggestions, exercises and conversations that accompanied each session. Thank you, from one mom to another!

Kristin, Akron OH


Chronic Pain Specific To Female Needs

This clinic offers pain treatment and exercise therapy. They understand the physiological differences between men and women. The treatment I received here improved chronic pain I've had for years in addition to addressing a recent injury. I've learned tools for maintenance and improvement going forward. Thank you very much! ED


Dry Needling For Overused Muscles

I started going to Healthy Core after a friend had gone and liked the results. I was a bit skeptical. I've been a competitive power lifter for the last 20 years and have beat up my body pretty good. I've seen Chiropractors, Neurologists, had Graston performed and all was just a temporary fix. I went for my first visit to see Janine, and the only way I can describe how I felt is, I felt like I was walking 20 pounds lighter. I felt incredible, I had flexibility where there was none before. Numb hands were almost non existent. Yes I still get flare ups from the punishment I subject my body to. I now only have to have treatment when I feel the need. If you haven't had Dry Needling done you are definitely doing your body an injustice.

Scott, Stow OH

Surgery Canceled After One Visit

I had scheduled surgery for pressure (stress) incontinence. A friend told me I MUST try Healthy Core. After one visit, I cancelled my surgery, and after three visits and doing the physical therapy (exercises) at home, I am 95% problem-free. I would recommend Healthy Core to all women having incontinence issues.

Carrie, Chagrin Falls OH


Help For Adhesions/Scar Tissue

Janine and her team specialize in the treatment of the musculature and connective tissue that support the spine, pelvis and abdominal organs. For example, they can help a pregnant woman prepare her muscles for childbirth and help her correctly recover from childbirth especially if she's had an incision! Do you realize how much damage scar tissue can do inside of us after any kind of abdominal surgery? If you have had abdominal surgery, the physical therapists use special manipulations to loosen the tissue inside to avoid scar tissue from forming. Another reason to visit Healthy Core is to avoid surgery! (If only I had known about her place before my hysterectomy!!!) There are things that can be done to help women avoid prolapse/reconstructive repairs and the doctors are not sharing this news with their patients. If you suffer from endometriosis...they can help you! Not enough women know about this place and I am here to tell you that they have helped me recover from 2 abdominal surgeries within 1 year! In this day and age we automatically assume that surgery is the cure all...take it from one that knows...It does not always cure a problem - sometimes it can make a problem worse or cause a weakness. If you know of someone who is suffering, please visit their website and contact them for an appointment. I am just so pleased that I feel so much better with their continued support and help. I just felt the need to refer people to her that need help.

Peg, Medina OH

Full Body Approach

Janine looked at the whole body and not just the hip. Exercises were explained and handouts were given that were very helpful. I can't say enough about how Janine helped me two years after my hip replacement surgery. I am now walking without limping. Mobility has increased and pain decreased. I am so grateful! Cathy, her office manager, is always terrific, greeting me with a smile. Cathy was able to answer questions over the phone regarding insurance and treatment prior to my first visit. Healthy Core has made such a difference in my well-being! 

Sandy, Twinsburg OH


I believe I received physical therapy that actually works for me and that I could not find anywhere else. The exercises and techniques target problems that I didn't realize I had. The dry needling made me nervous at first, but now I have experienced benefits from it that I've not been able to find with any other treatment. I think all women should visit Healthy Core to have an assessment. Janine and her staff have created a comforting atmosphere where I can relax and know I'm doing something that's truly good for my total well-being.

Jolie, Cuyahoga Falls OH

Healthy to the Core

Janine makes you extremely comfortable. I felt like I could talk to her about anything (and I did). ! I honestly told her things I've never said to anyone else, which was important for my recovery.  

Dawn, Springfield OH


Goes the Distance

I drive over an hour in order to see Janine on a regular basis. I had symphysis pubis dysfunction during my second pregnancy and afterward along with lower back issues. Janine is the only physical therapist that I have found who relieves my pain symptoms. She is thorough and makes sure that she is treating every area that needs to be treated. She includes instructions that will help me to be healthier for the rest of my life. During pregnancy, my symptoms became so severe that I could barely walk but Janine began to help me feel better from my very first visit with her. Without Janine I would be in regular pain which was affecting my ability to be a good mom and wife. She has literally saved my quality of life. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is wonderful at explaining everything that is going on with your body and how you can prevent pain and heal. You don't need to go anywhere else but Healthy Core no matter how far you need to drive.  

Beverly, Sandusky OH


Chronic Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Janine is very personable and helpful. I am so happy that I picked her on the list that the doctor gave me. I feel very relaxed and confident with her. If any of my friends need help, I would definitely recommend her. My pelvic floor has improved with no pain and also helps my back pain. I look forward to my appointments!

Mary Lou, Aurora OH


Healthy Core addresses the pelvic floor issues and treats scar tissue, which works better to eliminate the cause. Cathy at the front desk is very personable and professional. Janine is highly attentive and skilled in her profession. This helped me in many areas, including posture and stretching, in addition to my pain and scar tissue causing bladder issues.

Deb, Solon OH

Long-term Health & Wellness

Healthy Core addresses your core by strengthening it and gives you exercises to you can do at home to keep your core healthy. They thoroughly explain everything about your core and what exercises to do. Janine is extremely dedicated and I would highly recommend her; very compassionate and knowledgeable.

Carol, Aurora OH

Conservative Therapy in a Relaxed Environment

Prior to coming to Healthy Core, I had no experience with physical therapy and didn't know what to expect. The staff at Healthy Core were friendly and explained everything. The office is extremely pleasant and gives physical therapy a spa-like feeling. I feel very relaxed and at ease with my treatments. I think every MOM should enjoy time here. I have recommended Healthy Core to several of my friends. When you feel like your only option is surgery (or there's no option at all), I tell my friends to visit Healthy Core before making any medical decisions. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and gives a "calmness" to condtions that can be frustrating. I don't feel like I've met a therapist, but a friend. Thank you Healthy Core!  

Kim, Stow OH


Less Clinical, Great Continuity of Care

The atmosphere here is more comfortable and relaxed - less clinical. You address specific female issues. You have separate rooms for each patient and I always see the same therapist, for the whole time. I've been to different PT and I liked them well enough. They did help me but nothing was private and I was always seeing different people. For all the above reasons, I would recommend that friends come to you. Thank you for all of your caring help! 

Ann, Akron OH